Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 11

Just now I found an Internetcafe, where I can download my images to my harddisc and post them. I took me 1 h from the place where I stay to the center of the city. The bus was crowded with people, it was hot and stressful. I don't know, when I will go next time to the center. Hm, o.k. I have to buy a ticket soon, so I will come again.

The town changed a lot, since I was here last year. A lot of new shops and huge new buildings. The town covered with posters about the Olympic Games in 2014. And I found really one busstop, where the name was written in English ;-)

At the railway station the toilette and the information desk is labeled in English to, but the information does never speak English. Just normal.

So, see you sometimes...


Anonymous said...

Hei Heike!!!
Ju-hu-hu! Ich lese deine und Danny's diaries. Super geil! Freue mich über weitere stories. GAAA-ANz viele grüsse an alle!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah ja... hab vergessen zu unterschreiben. Grüsse übrigens aus hamburg!!!

Andy said...

Eitz muss ich hier aa mal wieda was schreiben, so als einsamer Vertreter in usneem Büro - keine Sau da ^^

Geht ja ganz schön was bei dir im Urlaub, hoff des bleibt noch so :)

Bis die tage!