Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 2 1/2

I especially came into a Internetcafe to put some pictures on the blog, but they have no cardreader... so I will put my pictures later to the blog. Just some days in Russia and I feel that I was never away ;-)

The Abkhazian Embassie still didn't answer, and I get a bit worried about I will get this entrance paper or not. It has to be like this, I think, they live to near to Russia.

Nastja yesterday told me a russian joke, about the crazy circumstances in St. Petersburg, like that the buildings look very clean, are bright colloered and repaired, everything nice, but if you enter the yards, or the buildings itself you will see some compleltely differnt picture. But the people living in this fuckedup builidings are very proud about the town:

A man from Moskow came to St. Petersburg and want to visit somebody living in a high-riser building. As he entered the building there is no light. Somehow he found the elevator, but there is also no light and he light match. Wat he saw was a vagabond shitting in the corner of the elevator. The vagabong looked angry to the man and sad: «Here in St. Petersburg, the people do not smoke in the elevators»...

When I came home in the evening from the daily roundtrip throu St. Petersburg, there were so much people inside the hostel, and everybody was talking to somebody. It was really a mess of languages and loudly. I took a beer and was sitting in the middle of the littel kitchen and watching the people running from one place to the other, like a movie.
The key issue is the missing English language at the street. All signs are in Russian language and the people at the street wont understand them... I met a girl «Mjou» from Korea, she was in Anapa for two week, which is not far away from Sochi. It was very hot there, and I think it still is. So that the sea is a warm salty soup and I can't await refreshing from it.

Hello to everybody outside, tomorrow in the evening we will go to Cerepovez.
Hey Michl, I lost your cap today in the bus, it is very sad :-(  I felt quite comfortable with it...
Hello to Alex!! And hello to Kurt!!

Day 2

I'm surrounded from Canadians, Englishman, Americans, Koreans and sometimes I meet a Russia. Its a preety cool communitie here and the breakfest is quite informative.
Yesterday evening we were at the Dune. It is a bar in the center of Petersburg in a very huge yard. It is done like the beach bars in Berlin, and I hered that a german woman opened this bar. It is strange to be surrounded from the glittering, clean culture stuff of Petersburg and sit in this yard, because the buildings are quite damaged at the backsides.
Nastjas sitster Katja missed to pass the bridges in the night, they are opended arround 1 o'clock in the night, when she already got pretty drunken. They had to walk all the night to Petersburg to wait that they will close again at 6 a.m.
Newa Bridge
We accompanied them till 3 a.m. but then we were so tired from the hole travel, no chance to be up so long. Hey Katja, hey Dasha, all o.k.???
Before we got a meel at the Zoom-Cafe, nice place, somehow cheep and good stuff. The bill is presented in a book. Can anybody give a exact translation of the title?