Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 2

I'm surrounded from Canadians, Englishman, Americans, Koreans and sometimes I meet a Russia. Its a preety cool communitie here and the breakfest is quite informative.
Yesterday evening we were at the Dune. It is a bar in the center of Petersburg in a very huge yard. It is done like the beach bars in Berlin, and I hered that a german woman opened this bar. It is strange to be surrounded from the glittering, clean culture stuff of Petersburg and sit in this yard, because the buildings are quite damaged at the backsides.
Nastjas sitster Katja missed to pass the bridges in the night, they are opended arround 1 o'clock in the night, when she already got pretty drunken. They had to walk all the night to Petersburg to wait that they will close again at 6 a.m.
Newa Bridge
We accompanied them till 3 a.m. but then we were so tired from the hole travel, no chance to be up so long. Hey Katja, hey Dasha, all o.k.???
Before we got a meel at the Zoom-Cafe, nice place, somehow cheep and good stuff. The bill is presented in a book. Can anybody give a exact translation of the title?


Anonymous said...

Hm....I was NOT drunken!!!!))))I know it myself and Dasha says i wasn't.And she 100% knows)))))) Katja

HeLeUm said...

Ok, Katja was not drunken, she is always like this ;-)
Hey Katja, I liked to stay in your company. Let's meet again in Petersburg or in Bavaria!