Friday, August 10, 2007


Today, I got my Visa for Russia. Every year the same game. It doesn't matter, whether I was applying for the visa 2 Month ago, I will come exactly a short time before the travel is starting.
Because I want to visit Abkhazia too, I need a Entry Permission for Abkhazia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says something around 5 working days for it, and I can apply for it via email! The Russian embassies will never work so modern.

My trip is planned like this:

In the evening of the 20. August I will fly from Nuremberg to Berlin. Nastja will hopefully take me from the Airport :-)

Next day, we fly together with Daniel, her partner, to Piter (St. Petersburg). Nastja rented rooms in a hostel for us, for 2 days. We will stay in the center, and rent us bikes to cycle around. Funny, I think it is the most dangerous part of my travel, ride a bike in St. Petersburg - Center...

After this we will go by train to Tscherepowez at the huge Rybinsk Reservoir. We will not visit the steel works there, I hope... but have a birthday party with Nastja's brother. Her family lives in Tscherepowez.

Next Stop is in Adler, Sochi. I don't know wheter I should stay some days in Sochi, or immediately try to go over the border to Abkhazia at the river Psou. Cemre, a woman living in Suchumi will host me some days and make a tour to lake Ritsa.

Latest back to Sochi is the 5. September, where I will meet bestfriendkarina :-)
Mountain Tchatch (don't know how it is written...) is our ambition.

Besides I want to rest some days, swim in the Black Sea and meet some friends. I know the days will be different from my plan. So, lets see how far the travel goes.