Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 11

Just now I found an Internetcafe, where I can download my images to my harddisc and post them. I took me 1 h from the place where I stay to the center of the city. The bus was crowded with people, it was hot and stressful. I don't know, when I will go next time to the center. Hm, o.k. I have to buy a ticket soon, so I will come again.

The town changed a lot, since I was here last year. A lot of new shops and huge new buildings. The town covered with posters about the Olympic Games in 2014. And I found really one busstop, where the name was written in English ;-)

At the railway station the toilette and the information desk is labeled in English to, but the information does never speak English. Just normal.

So, see you sometimes...

Day 10


In the night we passed the borer between the cold north and the hot south of Russia. After the two nights my brain is slightliy damaged ;-) and despite is was not boring to go by train such a long time, I am glad that this trip is finished soon.

Before the train stops in a station the toillets are closed, becaus the excrements are just poured on the tracks. They call this "Sanitarnaja Zona". Because after Tuapse the track goes anlong the coast of the black sea quite close to the beach, all this way is such a zone, and we have to take care that we don't drink to much the next hours. This last 3 hours are the hardest anyway, the trains drives quite slowly and the sun is fireing down on us. No wind goes up, we can see the sea, 20 m away from us, but cannot leave the train, wich is besides to late...

Karina took me from the train and her friend Denis helped us to bring my baggage to Karina's Datscha. At the evenig we went to the sea, the water is SUPER!!

Day 9

RASAN (05:40) ... VORONESH ... ROSSOSH ... SHIRAVKA ... LICHAJA (23:02)

During the night we covered a distance of 500 km air-line. The air-line between Cerepovec to Sochi is about 2000 km.

Just woman work as conductors, wich is more like an attendant. By a nightly cigarette with a conductor I found out, that always three conductors are working for two wagons. They are at work for 8 hours and then can rest for 4 hours. After the 2-day trip to sochi they do the same way back to cerepovec and the have a free time of 3 days. It seems to me a hard work. They have to check the people, clean the wagon...

Day 8

CEREPOVEC (14:23) - Sheknha - Cebcara - Kipelovo - VOLOGDA - Grasovec - Ckalinu .... - JAROSLAVL ... ALEXANDROV (00:55) ...

Our way lasts around 48 h, and we have a lot of short stops along our route. All together this are 67 towns, and I try to go outside if the trains stops more than 5 minutes and the conductor allows us to leave the train.

The trains in Russia are very simple and equipped, but somehow ingenious in their elementariness (But don't ask a Russian citizyen about this, they say it is all just shit...)
In every wagon, which has place for 54 People is a Samovar, which procudes hot water for free. It looks like a real antiquity, but it works very fine. The Samovar is used to make black tea, which the people in Russia drink a lot, like coffee in Germany.

To the right and left side of a little table are beches, wich will our beds for the next days. Above us are also two sleeping places and in the "3rd floor" and under the sitting place is a lot of space for the baggage. Everybody gets fresh washed bedclothes, wich are really neccesary, because the mattresses are quite raunchy.

After the toilletes is an extra room for smokers, and this is the only critical point for me to annotate, the windows can not be opened in this little room....

Another Diary

Hi folks,

Until yesterday I was in company with Nastja and Danny. We reached Sochi, and now our ways are seperated. Danny coincidental writes a blog too. He is the second time in Russia and quite new to all things around him, wich are for me quite common and normal. He doesn't understand the Russian langugae and so it may be interessting for you what he writes in his diary. So feel free to read: "Russisches Tagebuch" by Danny Splinter