Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 1

Just a very quick entry, because sombody is waiting near by me to take the computer over. We came to St. Petersburg. What else. The hostel is cool and I will post soon a picture of it. Nastja did her good action for this day, by guiding an older couple from south africa from the airport to the Njevkie-Prospekt where we and they also stay. If someone is not using a taxi, what would cost about 30 Euro, the way is quite complicated particularly if you have a lot of baggage.
O.k. I have to stop now...

Day 1/2

Nastja begans to pack her stuff. It is 00:30 and our flight starts at 10:30... I cannot go to bed because her things occupie my sleeping place. Things go down to a normal russia level ;-)