Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 8

CEREPOVEC (14:23) - Sheknha - Cebcara - Kipelovo - VOLOGDA - Grasovec - Ckalinu .... - JAROSLAVL ... ALEXANDROV (00:55) ...

Our way lasts around 48 h, and we have a lot of short stops along our route. All together this are 67 towns, and I try to go outside if the trains stops more than 5 minutes and the conductor allows us to leave the train.

The trains in Russia are very simple and equipped, but somehow ingenious in their elementariness (But don't ask a Russian citizyen about this, they say it is all just shit...)
In every wagon, which has place for 54 People is a Samovar, which procudes hot water for free. It looks like a real antiquity, but it works very fine. The Samovar is used to make black tea, which the people in Russia drink a lot, like coffee in Germany.

To the right and left side of a little table are beches, wich will our beds for the next days. Above us are also two sleeping places and in the "3rd floor" and under the sitting place is a lot of space for the baggage. Everybody gets fresh washed bedclothes, wich are really neccesary, because the mattresses are quite raunchy.

After the toilletes is an extra room for smokers, and this is the only critical point for me to annotate, the windows can not be opened in this little room....

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