Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 18

Tomorrow in the morning, I was visting the Russian Police. Someone stole my GPS, and I needed a paper for my insurance, that someone stole my GPs...I asked my friend Karina, if she could help me with it, because she is working as dog-handler at the russian police. Because I am still not registrated in Sochi, I am always afraid, that they will make me trouble about this, like everytime, when I leave Russia. But she just explained me where I have to go. I was a bit nervous. I went there and explained, what happened, and they told me to wait. So I waited. An old momen also asked for help, someone stole here passport. She is lifing in Sochi. We were waiting one hour, and nothing happened. The woman was asking several times and they told here just to wait, they cought a racketeer and after this our thing will be treatened.After 2 1/2 h I dropped in and explained exactly what happened. I is not so easy to explain all what a GPS is, with my poor Russia, where they stole it and so on. But they where ok and friendly. The GPS was stolen some days before, but I said that they stole it today at 8.00 in the morning, to avoid more stupid questions. The first what they asked, was, if it was really stolen today so early, because the gipsys do not work in this time. And then he called one and asked about a stolen GPS! (Just shit, they stole it in Abhasia, and I didn't go there to the police...) No GPS stolen. But after some discussions I got my paper. It is just in Cyrillic, because the police man could not write in latin letters, but I hope my insurance will understand it...

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