Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day -1

As I woke up today in the morning, a litte feeling of fear came up inside of me, not bad, just a bit like travel feever. No, I got a big TRAVEL FEEVER now :-) .

TOMORROW evening begins the first part of my trip. If Michl will not forget about his promise, he will give me a lift to the railway station in Amberg, and I will go by train to Nueremberg where Heike H. meets me, just to say goodby. It's very nice to meet good friends, even it is for a very short drive to the airport. Then fly to Berlin, where Nastja, will take me from Berlin-Tegel. So far so got, not really difficult to MEET MY PLANS in the first day. But... how I thought, the abkhazian embassie did not answer until now, so I don't know, wether I will get the entrance paper or not...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heike
drove you to Amberg this morning and now i already miss you ...
I with you a nice travel and hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings to Russia.